about laser eye surgery:

Dr. Friedberg has performed thousands of laser treatments over the years for various eye disorders.  He treats disorders ranging from the most complicated retinal disorders to cataract and glaucoma.  He treats diseases of the eye.  Dr Kahn uses the laser to minimize or eliminate the need for glasses.  He has restored normal sight to thousands of patients with the help of lasers. For more than 15 years he has performed and perfected these procedures, which can restore sight to those suffering from nearsightedness and astigmatism. Dr Kahn was among the first in the area to be certified in the high-tech LASIK surgery, an advanced laser surgery that corrects vision quickly with no pain or discomfort.  

In most cases, patients who undergo this procedure never have to wear glasses again.

Lasik surgery borrows from the earlier ALK and PRK procedures to create superior technology for vision correction. During this procedure, a tiny flap is made in the outer part of the eye (the cornea), and a very small amount of tissue is removed with the laser. Then, the flap is placed back over the eye so there is no soreness. There are no stitches, and no discomfort...it's computerized surgery that restores vision quickly and painlessly.